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My graduation collection developed upon a theme rather than on a concept. Of all fashion eras I have chosen Renaissance – most probably because of my high appreciation towards these centuries due to my architectural education or maybe because the people of those times considered that looking back to the values of the Antiquity Era was more important than continuing the traditions of the time. In this particular case, the specifics of the concept that are supposed to pull it out from the great coverage of the theme, are represented by an experiment – identifying relevant elements in the costume and integrating it in contemporary looks.

The collection is in fact an artistic expression of my very deep belief about the models history has to offer and about a loop recurrence of its artistic values. For me, the Renaissance man is as well the today's man, a man with a sharp understanding, open to all ideas, with an acute desire for affirmation and fame, with a sparkling sense of beauty, always opposing dogma and preconceived ideas, a humanist with a broad spirit of tolerance. This exercise of appreciation of the past was the starting point for a sustainable luxury womansware fashion brand.

Bucharest Fashion Week
Photo courtesy to Atelierele Ilbah
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