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  • Made from a reclaimed transparent curtain with handwoven details that reconstruct the shape of the summer outfit denuded by the wind. Under slip dress not included. Parts of a net curtain and strips of reclaimed fabric. These parts are scraps that resulted in the industrial cutting process at the clothing factories. This is a playful item, and a versatille one. The item can not be reproduced identically with respect to the type of fabrics and their exact arrangement nor to the seams irregularities. Each piece is individually cleaned, laid out, and cut at the Common studio and finished locally in Romania. Each garment comes with an individual tag that tells the story of the included parts, handwritten by the designer.

    Transparent dress with woven details

    • Details

      Parts: strips of reclaimed fabric, net curtain

      Composition: unidentified fiber content. Entirely made from textile waste, fabric scraps or used textiles

      Care: hand wash at 30, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, iron  at low temperature, dry clean

      Oversized relaxed fit

      Adjustable side laces for waist marking

      Sleeveless, straight opening

      No additional opening

      Under slip dress not included


    • Get it made to order

      Depending on the available reclaimed fabrics at the moment of your order,  we could produce your own garment in different fabrics. We would also love to work with your unwanted pieces of clothing. Please contact us using the contact form available or email us at in order to be able to agree upon your custom order.

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