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What to do when confronted with so many changes in daily life? How to best adapt and fastest put yourself inline? Nevermind the philosophical considerations of how we got here...we live just for now, mainly for today. As I felt it, the analytical mind took over the intuitive one. But I just wanted to 'photograph' some of the instances I walked through, and I did it by working or reworking some clothes. This is the collection that reflects a mood. That when you have to work, work and work again to regain balance or maybe, just to keep your joints flexible :)

We mainly work from home and we do not attend formal events any longer except for the online versions half censored in torsos&head or just head versions of ourselves. Therefore we no longer need new shirts, new suits or other formal dress ware at least for the moment. I suggest we rework them into something more comfortable. As in Bucharest is a bit cold at this time of the year and we just might have to leave the house in order to buy some bread...or maybe to take the dog for a short walk we will still need some wrap-up blanket or some kind of long coat to quickly grab. With age, I became a bit superstitious :). I hate to turn back when in front of the elevator I have spotted myself in the mirror without the mask...I could very well use a turtleneck if I had one, or even better, a cowl/snood type case a bad wind starts that will hurt my sinuses. After I 'felt' all the above with the analytical mind I started feeling as if ...incomplete...I still needed the nurturing powers of a clothing item that tells a story. The CommonParts guidelines easily filled the void and wrapped up the collection, through the use of small fabric scraps (as parts) gathering to form a whole in a reconstructed fabric as people are gathering now for the greater good. And this time we just might have innovated on something – an upcycled matlasse fabric that could never be repetitive in the pattern, therefore it is unique in each yard of itself.

And as I did the last time, I accepted all the boxes of unwanted or irretrievable clothing items from friends and neighbors, I also had the 3rd round of collecting fabric-cuts discarded by clothing factories, and I started cleaning, draping, cutting, weaving, sewing...things.

We still have some very easy DIY items in this collection, some of them have simplified versions that do not even need sewing, and we will keep on making available online patterns and instructions for free to whoever requests us to. We keep the promise to convince as many people as possible that #upcyclingiscool, and that they could reclaim their own unwanted and irretrievable items.

Common Parts is a sustainable fashion brand working with waste or discarded fabrics

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