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-melting of a glacier because of a forest fire-

This is more like a story...a surrealist and deformed one. A sequel of Collection 4 where I was telling about the emotional trigger that must exist if we want people to relate to the environment. Art is generally accepted as appealing to the senses and it must be the way to the heart. 
James Balog, National Geographic photographer, at Ted Talks:
"Most of the time, art and science stare at each other across a gulf of mutual incomprehension. There is great confusion when the two look at each other. Art, of course, looks at the world through the psyche, the emotions -- the unconscious at times -- and of course the aesthetic. Science tends to look at the world through the rational, the quantitative – things that can be measured and described – but it gives art a terrific context of understanding."

Photographer: Ovidiu Oltean
Models: Sofia Bartos & Luana Chelebeu & Jordan
MakeupArtist: Oana Busuioc
Hairstylist: Oana Alina Ilie

Common Parts is a sustainable fashion brand working with waste or discarded fabrics
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